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Flat panel display base is expected to finalize the construction of Shanghai-generation LCD line 6
Recently, the Ministry of Information Industry issued a proclamation declaring agreed Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone for the country (Shanghai) flat panel display industry park, which means that China will accelerate the pace of building flat-panel display devices, also means that Shanghai will call on government support, a flat-panel TV important base for display devices.

Accelerate the pace of China's flat panel display

According to Ministry of Information Industry Bulletin, Ministry of Information Industry has issued a document, agreed to Shanghai Xin Zhuang Industrial Zone for the country (Shanghai) flat panel display industry park. Ministry of Information Industry said the National Electronic Information Industrial Park is the industrial scale, technical level, the number of backbone enterprises in the electronic information industry in a particular area of ​​industry leading level gathering area, with outstanding industrial features, Ministry of Information Industry will support the industrial park construction and development.

Previously, China's leading TV manufacturers increasingly difficult problem of lack of flat panel display has attracted a higher level of attention, the State Department had instructed the Ministry of Information Industry, National Development and Reform Commission, the State Council Development Research Center and other ministries to conduct research, and research results, flat panel display technology, the lack of consequences for the domestic color TV enterprises is extremely serious. Three ministries, "research report" suggested that the central areas for flat panel display industry, policy and funding support.

This should support the Ministry of Information Industry is an important policy of flat panel displays, one of China's LCD TV is expected that this will have a major impact on other industries.

Shanghai pre-empted

It is reported widely used flat panel display can be used for flat-panel TV, PC, mobile phones and many other fields, the market scale. Present throughout the country on the importance of flat panel display and market potential are very good, but because of the huge investment, to be launched production line is not easy, let alone establish a complete industrial parks of upstream and downstream.

The reason why Shanghai was identified as a national park flat panel display industry, mainly because the Shanghai municipal government attaches great importance to the development of flat panel display industry, the flat panel display industry as Shanghai, the "Eleventh Five-Year" focus on the development of strategic industries, after years construction, flat panel display industry base in Shanghai have begun to take shape.

It is reported that Shanghai is November 8, 2005 began the development of flat panel display industry, when the flat panel display industry base in Shanghai Xinzhuang Industrial Park was established, the base from the SVA Group as the main body, to build TFT-LCD panel as the core, the in the downstream industry chain, and the establishment of R & D institutions.

It is reported that Shanghai would be flat panel display planning and construction of the base glass substrate, color filter, polarizer, specialty chemicals and other upstream companies, the construction of two five generations or more TFT-LCD production lines and LCD TVs, LCD monitors, notebook computers and other downstream businesses ; base project total investment is expected to more than 60 billion dollars, to attract foreign investment $ 2.5 billion, sales of more than $ 10 billion, construction of TFT-lcd LCD industry cluster, to fill the gaps in this field of industry.

At present, mainland China has built the base first fifth-generation TFT-LCD production lines, namely: by Shanghai SVA Optronics Co., Ltd. (SVA) and Japan's NEC to invest in Shanghai SVA NEC Liquid Crystal Display Co., Ltd.. In October 2005, SVA NEC has been in full production, including 15-inch display shipments accounted for about 40% of the global market.

Radio and television transmission will be built on a six-generation line

As of the end of 2006, China's fifth-generation TFT-LCD panel production line has been: mass production fourth quarter 2004 production line SVA NEC Corporation; first quarter of 2005 production of BOE Optoelectronics Technology (BOE-OT) line and 2006 mass production in December of Kunshan IVO (IVO) production line. The end of 2006, China's TFT-LCD panel production capacity has reached about 150,000 in 2007 to reach 205,000.

However, the current situation is still worrying, because the SVA, BOE, Kunshan IVO are five generations of line, and the need for large-screen LCD TV line of six generations or more.

Now that the news is on the radio and television are actively considering the 2007 for the sixth-generation production line in 2009, on the 7th generation or 7.5 generation production line investment, should the successful, is expected to sixth-generation production line capacity in 2008 will reach per month 60000, once on the radio and television in 2009 launched the 7th generation production line, so that by 2010 will increase its monthly production to 200,000 or more.

If the plan is really to achieve, then our flat panel TV industry will be partially reversed passive situation.
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