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Display device lively sound components
Overall, the global LCD industry is still showing growth and prosperity, which also led to the rapid growth of domestic industry. At present, the LCD industry has entered a new period of development, from the perspective of industry chain in 2006, TFT supply and demand roughly in balance, the second half of 2007 will be strained.
Construction industry is still hot
2006, China's TFT-LCD production line construction

Climax, the first is the "Parc Royale project" surface, followed by BOE shares Julong Photoelectric work together to build a 6th generation LCD panel production line. Chi Mei Optoelectronics and then settled in Foshan, the back-end LCD module plant has officially started in early May,'s first seventh-generation LCD panel production line was settled. Then Corning built in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone in China's first liquid crystal display (LCD) glass substrate finishing facility. Subsequently, LG-Philips LCD (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. and related items located in Guangzhou Science City, a formal agreement signed in Guangzhou, Guangzhou will invest in the latest generation (ie, the 8th generation) LCD production line, etc., large-scale construction TFT-LCD production line momentum intensified.
As the TFT-LCD industry to flourish, into the liquid crystal display device era. Whether it is large-size displays, notebook computers or LCD TV, or small-sized high-resolution color screen mobile phone, PDA, GPS, etc., other types of LCD panels is eating away at the product market, thus achieving unified situation. However, the rapid development of LCD panel, PDP, OLED is also rapidly emerging, especially the PDP in 2007, TFT-LCD will constitute no small threat.
PDP feel the pressure
While the domestic flat-panel LCD TV market PDP development as strong, but the forecast shows that in 2007 China PDP TV sales will exceed 100 million units. The DisplaySearch statistics also show that in 2006 global sales of PDP nearly 10 million units by 2010 will reach 25 million 30 million units. Especially in the U.S. and European markets, PDP 42 inch and above market is accounted for close to 70% market share.
In the United States this year on the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show, Panasonic announced the development of a 42-inch 1080p HD Plasma (PDP) display prototype. This Full HD plasma display screen resolution up to 200 million pixels, compared with the previous 42-inch HD plasma flat-panel TV with high resolution more than twice. Panasonic PDP's force, and a direct threat to large-size TFT-LCD applications in the market. Some experts said that 2007 will be the plasma (PDP) making determined efforts of a large outbreak of the year.
Domestically, Changhong's PDP with the project is well underway. Some experts predict that technology integration is complete, Changhong will be in the PDP in all aspects of the industry chain has become its capability, Changhong in the development of PDP projects are bound to accomplish something.
At the same time, OLED development should not be ignored. OLED panels are difficult to achieve because of large size, are used for mobile phones or digital cameras, but this year the U.S. Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Sony demonstrated a 11-inch OLED TV, the product gives us the wonder is not size, but the production level, this information for the TFT is concerned, is not good, is the addition of a rival.
There are indications that in 2007, TFT will face greater market pressures, but whether it is mobile phones, MP3 or laptop computers, televisions, liquid crystal display devices into the era is indisputable.
LED: application market will continue to expand
Keywords: basic research, key materials, application market
Reporters Liang Hongbing
China led from the current product performance, quality of view, is still in the lower level. Analysis is mainly due to our lack of basic research and development, processing and marketing of LED products rush.
Emphasis on basic research
LED products currently in the chain supporting several key raw materials or imported, must strengthen its investment and research and development, making it as soon as possible domestically. Including key raw materials, epitaxial with the substrate, an organic source, high performance package with epoxy, silicone, etc.; white led phosphor used in packaging, for greater excitation efficiency, improve stability and anti-lumen capability, R & D to stimulate more color phosphor, etc.; LED control and driver ICs, requires the development of different applications where the IC, suitable for high-power LED driver, the control of different connections and driver IC.
At present, LED production equipment, testing devices, the gap with foreign countries or larger. MOCVD epitaxial equipment and main part of chip manufacturing equipment and processes before the process after the automatic packaging equipment and automated test equipment, want the relevant departments and enterprises to strengthen investment and accelerate research and development, industry support for the LED as soon as possible, form a complete LED industry chain. Expand the application market
Expand the market is to promote the development of maximum power LED industry, should be given high priority. From the analysis of domestic LED market, there are still many problems, mainly in: the absence of uniform testing standards and reliability of assessment indicators, the market often appear inferior to charge a good LED products, the price confusion, it will produce LED products distrust, should pay close attention.
On application development of LED products in 2007, you can focus on the following aspects.
First, attention semiconductor lighting applications, where the main means of LED color lighting (landscape lighting and decorative lighting), Dedicated general lighting, security lighting, special lighting and general lighting (this is the biggest potential market, will gradually enter the market ) and the application of solar LED lighting products. The potential of semiconductor lighting market hundreds of billions.
Second, focus on various size LCD with LED backlight, a small area of ​​the cell phone, MP3, MP4, PDA, digital cameras with the backlight, the middle area of ​​about 9 inches to 20 inches for the terminal display and LED backlight large area LCD TV's backlight, with hundreds of billions of these potential markets.
2007 China will issue 3G licenses, 3G market, the launch will be in small size LED backlight market growth. At the same time, large-size backlight market to become the new darling of companies. Implementation of EU environmental standards have been put forward, as the traditional cold cathode fluorescent backlight large-size LCD panel's position precarious. The green LED by virtue of its characteristics to win the attention of the manufacturers, LED backlight LCD size is small to large-size LCD backlight applications forward.
For the three-color LED backlight is still there red, green and blue color of the LED is inconsistent attenuation problems affecting the white LED life. The switch to LED as backlight source is related to the circuit would also require re-design. These problems to some extent, affected the large-size LCD LED backlight into the market pace. 2007 LCD TV backlight market is not started will wait and see.
In addition, a variety of car lights, such as front and rear lights, turn lights, side lights, brake lights, headlights, interior lights and instrument panel displays, will enter the development and application of the potential market of hundreds of billion yuan.
Discrete components: the development of sound market
Key words: new applications steadily rising modular photodiode
Correspondent Jane Zhu Ling
The semiconductor industry began in discrete devices, integrated circuits without the invention and development of discrete devices, in today's highly developed integrated circuits, discrete semiconductor market in the world, annual sales are still steady growth, expanding industry.
Photodiode is the future of the fastest growing product
China's future market demand will continue to focus on discrete devices and computer peripherals, network communications and other traditional areas. At the same time, lighting, industrial automation, medical and automotive electronics industry is a discrete application of emerging markets.
The main products on the discrete devices, it is expected between 2005 -2009 photodiode will remain the fastest-growing products, with domestic accelerate the pace of urban construction, the current high-brightness LED products surge in demand. Such as public display systems, traffic lights, car lights, and other fields will drive the LED market. The next five years the average annual compound growth rate will reach 26 percent by 2009 its sales will reach nearly 300 billion yuan.
In addition to the photodiode, the power transistor is the future of the domestic market in discrete rapid growth in demand products. Power transistors are widely used in electronic lighting, communications and computer industry, it is the heart of all electrical equipment is widely used in electric power, transmission, traction, chemical, power and other fields. Power transistors in the next five years is expected compound annual growth rate will reach 20.4 percent by 2009, its market scale will reach 45,219,000,000 yuan. In addition to these two products, the common and ordinary transistor diode will maintain stable growth, five years is expected compound annual growth rate will reach 15.7% and 15.4%, to 2009 when its market size will reach 33.596 billion yuan and 19.545 billion yuan.
Presents three major trends in information technology industry, digital, intelligent, network-based continuous progress of the new materials (such as GaN, AlN, SiC, SiGe, antimony compounds, diamond, organic materials, etc.) and new technologies (such as micro-nano, MEMS, carbon nanotubes, etc.)

Continue to emerge will have implications for the future development of semiconductor discrete devices have a profound impact will be from a different side to promote the semiconductor discrete devices to high-frequency, broadband, high speed, low noise, high power, high current, high linearity, large dynamic range, high efficiency, high brightness, high sensitivity, low power, low cost, high reliability, rapid development in micro aspects.
The development of semiconductor discrete devices will show the following characteristics:
1 new semiconductor devices will continue to show, in the alternative application of existing markets, while also opening up new fields of application.
2 In order to make the existing semiconductor devices to adapt to rapid changes in market demand, the introduction of new technologies, continuous improvement of materials, structural design, manufacturing processes and packaging, to improve device performance.
3 modular. Miniaturization of electronic information systems, and even miniature, a necessary requirement of its parts, including semiconductors, including discrete devices as small, miniature, multi-modular, integrated, part of the development of semiconductor discrete devices may tend to block , integration.
Components: integration into high ground
Keywords: small piece of passive integration
Correspondent Jane Zhu Ling
Electronic components and its components are in the middle of the electronic information industry products, ranging from electronic machinery and raw materials sectors and between industry, its development speed, reached the technical level and scale of production, not only directly affects the development of the electronic information industry . With the electronic information product manufacturing large-scale machine, the ability of upstream products matching growing demand, electronic components manufacturing industry as a basis for an important position has become increasingly evident.
Led to further reduce the size of mobile phone components
With the technology and the trend of evolution towards a new generation of mobile phones and integrated multi-function light direction, requiring a complete set of components for mobile phone manufacturers continue to introduce business needs of small, highly integrated, low cost per devices. The growing number of new features of mobile phones, mobile phones and consumer products and computer combination of the two will be the future trend of mobile phones more promising than the PC, mobile phone technology race will replace the PC as a new stage.
To respond to this change, small (0201 size), integrated, high-frequency, high-capacity electronic components will be widely used, and with the mounting density increases, the use of chip components will substantially increase, 3G mobile phone the MLCC, Chip-R, the amount of chip inductors will surge, only grew by an average of more than 300 to more than 600 pieces of chip inductors will more than double the amount of 60 or more. 2006 global chip resistors will grow by 10%, multi-layer ceramic capacitors will grow 12% -18%. Insiders said that Japanese manufacturers have phased out the production above the 0603 resistance-size products or exit the field, the current 0402 film resistance has become the main market demand, while the exclusion part, the state is still in tight supply. Chip components of the future will be a mainstream product gradually to 0402 or 0201 0603 transition, the demand for chip components will continue to grow.
In addition, the mobile phone PCB, connectors, and without exception, speakers and other components are also moving to a smaller size.
Passive electronic components integrated components into mainstream
Electronics products in recent years entered a period of rapid upgrading of its outstanding performance to the surface of the cartridge assembly, analog to digital technology, fixed to mobile, discrete to integrated change. From a technical point of view, passive electronic components, multi-layered, multi-component chip of chip components, integrated and multi-functional as the main direction of development. Based on multi-layer ceramic technology (MLCC) and low-temperature co-fired ceramic technology (LTCC) a new generation of electronic components has become the mainstream of electronic components, and integrated electronic components is a major development. Especially because of low temperature co-fired ceramics (LTCC) technology breakthroughs to make passive integration technology into practical use and industrial stage, a new generation of integrated passive components and related technology as the technical high ground of concern.
It is understood that our passive components and key materials of the general idea is: to develop new high-end components for traction, the key material as a breakthrough to enhance the production technology as the focus, the "Materials Research - Process Development - Components production "combined. In the "15" on the basis of the research project, further organizational strength through a combination of research, development of new material breakthroughs in key technology and attain independent intellectual property rights, China's electronic components industry to enhance the product structure and technical level.
Passive components and key materials for China's overall research objectives are: the formation of China's high-end products in the passive components and passive integration technology, intellectual property rights; developed a series of technical indicators in the international advanced level of new materials, components and module and its process technology; developed and produced more than 20 integrated passive integration module; form 5-10 with international advanced level of chip electronic components and industrial chain transformation base, the total annual production capacity to reach hundreds of one hundred million passive components; the establishment of standards and testing of passive integration platform.
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