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Xianyang: focus on the development of new display
Currently, Xianyang has formed a color picture tube, deflection coil, copper clad laminates, adhesive film, color partial core, electronic components, etc. to display | display device manufacturing-based complete industrial chain.

Display Devices competitive products

Electronic components manufacturing industry is one of the leading high-tech zones in Xianyang, Xianyang has the largest, with the strongest since the color picture tube production base, export base deflection coils, magnetic materials, production and scientific research base of national and Northwest's largest color TV production machine production base. Xianyang Hi-tech Zone Office Chulin Mao said: "Since our first production line located in Xianyang CPT after driving the display device, development of related industries, Xianyang City, the strength of the electronic information industry increased rapidly, to achieve a leap-type development."

Chulin Mao said, the Rainbow Group in the resolution of the CPT and display tube, Xianyang deflection Group monitors and a new deflection coil, Ruyi Electric Company's AM radio transmitter as well as new core deflection, electronic ceramic materials to be included in the Shaanxi Province, a major science and technology industrialization projects. Among them, the color picture tube, deflection coils, deflection core, CCL, varistors, ceramic capacitors, resistors and other products technology has reached the international advanced level, the leading domestic level or advanced level. "These products not only in the domestic market account for a large share, and among the international market, export, and achieved very good results."

Xianyang display device highly competitive products and strong manufacturing technology are inseparable. It is understood, Xianyang display industry has more than 4,000 engineers and technicians, more than 2,600 middle and senior technical staff, the medium-sized groups, companies have set up the corresponding R & D, engineering centers and technology centers, the Rainbow Group, Shaanxi Jinshan Electric Group Co., Ltd., Shaanxi Huaxing Electronics Industries has built a national, provincial R & D technology center. "These R & D to develop new products with years of experience, with advanced processing equipment and laboratory equipment, testing instruments | instruments in science and technology research, development of new products, to promote technological progress achieved good results." Chulin Mao said.

Efforts to cultivate new growth points

However, and Xi'an, Baoji, compared Xianyang past few years the overall size of the electronic information industry development is relatively slow. Chulin Mao also frankly stated, Xianyang in the development of some problems, such as lack of innovation in the development of ideas, should provide the infrastructure from the past in place incentives package, a gradual transition to efficient government services through the development of modern service industry, to provide for the needs of enterprise development logistics, information flow, capital flow and personnel flow. There can not weaken the functions of Development Zone, local governments should effectively protect from development zones, development zones are entitled to continue to strengthen economic and administrative authority.

In the current decline in the CRT industry, corporate profits to the environment, how to promote electronic information industry to a higher level of technology, control of the market stronger, better levels of economic transfer, Chu Linmao that Xianyang City will continue to maintain color CRT, deflection coil, color partial core, copper clad laminates, electronic components and other products in the domestic leading level, based on the focus on developing new display devices, the new chip components, special materials, new electronic information, digital products, promote new display the industrialization process, expanding and improving the basis from electronic materials, components supporting the whole production chain.

Rainbow Group Corporation, said Xing Daoqin, a new generation of display devices in the production and development support, the rainbow walking in front of peers, since last year, the Rainbow Project in LCD and PDP glass substrate module in increased efforts to promote.

Chulin Mao said that in the future to actively develop new Xianyang deflection coil, a new color partial core, surface mount components (chip components), crystal devices, infrared devices, large-screen high-definition color TV and other digital products, accelerate high technology, added value of product development and production of components to enhance core competitiveness. To focus on the project as an entry point to play Projects Quick gathering funds, technology, personnel and other factors of production role, and foster new economic growth point, the main production line do a good job PDP, organic EL production line in 16 projects, and enhance industry development potential and competitiveness.
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